Domaine Robert Chevillon

What sets Domaine Robert Chevillon apart is the consistent quality of its wines. They are highly regarded for their elegance, finesse, and complexity. The wines display a beautiful balance of fruit, acidity, and tannins, often showcasing flavors of red berries, earthy notes, and subtle spice.

Another interesting aspect of Domaine Robert Chevillon is its unwavering focus on terroir expression. The domaine owns vineyard plots in some of the most prestigious crus of Nuits-Saint-Georges, including Les Perrières, Les Bousselots, Les Chaignots, and Les Vaucrains. These vineyards are known for their diverse soil types, microclimates, and exposure, all of which contribute to the distinct character of the wines. 

The Chevillon family has been involved in winemaking since the 19th century, with Domaine Robert Chevillon officially established in the 20th century. Today, it is run by brothers Bertrand and Denis Chevillon, who represent the fifth generation of winemakers in their family. Read more..

Another noteworthy aspect of Domaine Robert Chevillon is its commitment to aging potential. The wines have a reputation for developing magnificently over time, with many vintages capable of aging for several decades. This aging potential, coupled with their refined character, has made Domaine Robert Chevillon wines sought after by collectors and Burgundy enthusiasts worldwide.