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"Wine is a passport to the world" 

- Thom Elkjer


World's finest wines

We have built up an extensive local and global network, over the past 10 years. The wines are exclusively bought by us directly from the chateau or from reliable, private wine cellars.

Don't take our word for it


"Exclusive wine from Burgundy is very important for our company to offer. For this, I am always in the right place at Total Grand Cru, fast delivery and the bottles are always in perfect condition. We have been doing business with this company for more than 8 years now and nothing has ever gone wrong, in fact, we can't get better bottles at these prices. Thank you for the pleasant collaboration Total Grand Cru."


"We have been working together with TGC for over six years now. I regularly buy wines from Joris, which I then serve at my tastings. My customers are extremely critical, especially when it comes to wine, so it's extremely important for us to serve quality and also be innovative. With the gems from Joris' collection, it's always a party and I always get positive feedback. Our collaboration is also more than pleasant; fast delivery, good prices and the most fantastic wines from different vintages, as far as I'm concerned we will do business together for many more years!"


"When I sold my company, I received two bottles of Petrus 2009 in an original box as a gift. I enjoy a nice glass of wine, but Petrus is just a bit too much for me. After requesting several valuations, I received the highest price from Joris. I then brought the wines myself and was able to receive an immediate cash payment - a truly great way of working!"