Wine Scores

The wine rating system is a method used to assess and evaluate the quality and characteristics of wines. It provides wines tasters with a standardized way to understand and compare different wines. While there are several wine rating systems in use, one of the most well-known and influential systems is the 100-point scale, made by wine critic Robert Parker.

In the 100-point scale, wines are assigned a score ranging from 50 to 100 points, with higher scores indicating higher quality and better overall characteristics; 

  • 90-100 points: Outstanding wines with exceptional complexity, balance, and depth of flavors. These are considered exceptional and are highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.
  • 80-89 points: Very good to excellent wines that offer a high level of quality, character, and flavor. These wines are mostly enjoyable on the short term.
  • 70-79 points: Average wines with no significant flaws, but lacking in complexity or distinctiveness. These wines are considered drinkable, but they may not stand out or offer exceptional qualities.
  • 50-69 points: Wines with noticeable flaws or deficiencies. They may be unbalanced, or lack quality overall. Wines in this range are generally not recommended.

It's important to note that wine ratings are subjective and reflect the opinions and preferences of the wine critic or reviewer. Different critics may have varying tastes, so it's helpful to explore multiple sources and reviews to get a more comprehensive understanding of a wine's quality.

Wine ratings are typically based on various factors, including the wine's appearance, aroma, flavor profile, structure (such as acidity, tannins, and body), and overall balance. Critics evaluate wines through blind tastings, where the wine's identity is concealed to minimize bias.

While the 100-point scale is widely used, other rating systems exist, such as the 20-point scale and the 5-star scale. These systems generally follow similar principles but may have different point ranges or descriptors.

Keep in mind that wine ratings are just one aspect to consider when choosing a wine. Personal preference, food pairings, occasion, and price point are also important factors to take into account when making a selection.