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Clos de Tart

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    Clos de Tart stands as a historic and esteemed Grand Cru vineyard nestled in the village of Morey-Saint-Denis within the Côte de Nuits of Burgundy, France. Renowned for its significance and the exceptional wines it produces, Clos de Tart is an emblematic site in the Burgundy wine region.

    Situated in Morey-Saint-Denis, Clos de Tart is distinguished by its expansive size, covering approximately 7.53 hectares and earning the distinction of being one of the largest single vineyards in Burgundy. Enclosed by stone walls, a characteristic feature of many Burgundian vineyards, Clos de Tart exudes a sense of unity despite its size.

    The only grape variety cultivated in Clos de Tart is Pinot Noir, and the wines crafted from these grapes are celebrated for their depth, complexity, and remarkable aging potential. The diverse terroir of the vineyard, characterized by a mix of limestone, clay, and marl soils, contributes to the unique character and expression found in the wines.

    Under the ownership of the Mommesin family since 1932, Clos de Tart has maintained its reputation for excellence. The domaine associated with the vineyard, Domaine Clos de Tart, plays a pivotal role in crafting some of the finest and most sought-after wines from this Grand Cru site.

    Clos de Tart wines are known for their concentration, power, and complexity. Exhibiting a harmonious blend of dark fruit flavors, earthy notes, and a distinct minerality, these wines are revered for their ability to age gracefully. Collectors and enthusiasts alike seek out the exceptional offerings from Clos de Tart, recognizing them as a pinnacle expression of Pinot Noir in the Burgundy region.